Bring your lender with you to CarSnoop.

Do you have a lender with whom you have a relationship that you’d like to use when buying your new vehicle? Or, are you relying upon the dealership to provide one? CarSnoop works with your lender to lease or buy your new car. So, bring your lender with you to CarSnoop.

If your own lender has approved you for the loan, they are guaranteed to be your lender with CarSnoop! At CarSnoop, we respect your relationship with your bank and when you use our app/process, your lender is protected. The dealerships cannot suggest or change your lending resource. CarSnoop works with your lender.

Your bank or credit union will be assured to keep your financing and it will ease the new car buying process. Your loan pre-approval and credit score are ready so CarSnoop does the rest.

CarSnoop pro tip: having a direct lender relationship will eliminate a dealer tactic of rate markup. You will avoid any dialogue with the dealership financing department with CarSnoop. When you’re ready to wrap up the new vehicle purchase, your bank or credit union will finalize the details. Lastly, the lender will run a hard credit pull and review your full credit report. In other words, these steps will complete your loan application process and finalize your interest rate.

How does CarSnoop work?

Again, by using CarSnoop to buy your new car, you get to work with your lender of choice and secure that lender relationship. When you submit your CarSnoop car build request, it will show that you have a lender. As a result, your lender relationship will be guaranteed. And, no surprises and no rate changes.

So, how do you buy a new car with your own loan? With CarSnoop. It’s just that easy.

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