Buy a new car online without a dealer!

Given the world we live in today, how is it possible to block out three hours of your day to purchase a new car? Is there a universe where you could buy a new car online without a dealer?

Let’s face it…your week’s routine is havoc. Choir or swim practice at 7 a.m., a long work day, the kids’ basketball, baseball or soccer practice from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and you haven’t even thought about dinner yet. Holy s#!t dinner! Don’t forget to add in homework and bedtime. EVERYDAY. Rinse and repeat!

You leap into the weekend and, well, it’s no different than the weekdays. Saturday morning begins with gymnastics, then the other kid has a soccer game at noon and of course a friend’s birthday party at 4p. You think…maybe I’ll have time on Sunday to go to the dealership…except car dealerships are closed on Sunday!

How do I buy a new car online without a dealer?

Manufacturer websites. An easy way to get started is to go directly to manufacturer (GMC, Honda, Ford, Toyota, etc.) websites. CarSnoop tip: do not go to dealer websites. Those sites will constantly attempt to chat or obtain your email. In contrast, manufacturer websites are trying to give you as much information as possible about their vehicles and are not attempting to make a sale.

Research. Next, you may want to check into reviews or crash test ratings on vehicles you are considering. JD Power is a great resource for ratings by consumers. The NHTSA is the Department of Transportation’s authority on vehicle crash ratings.

Avoiding dealerships. Finally, the tricky part. Purchasing your vehicle without going in to a dealership. Is that even possible? CarSnoop handles all of this for you without stepping foot into a dealership. For example, you build your new car specifications online and receive competitive offers from multiple member dealers on your new car and also your trade in. In addition, you can even have your new car delivered to your home or office.

The future of car buying is here! No dealerships, no negotiating, no hassle! CarSnoop is the key to stress-free new car buying.

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