How can I disinfect my vehicle?

How can I disinfect my vehicle? You certainly feel a heightened need of health and safety measures for you and your family with the COVID pandemic at hand. You are washing your hands and cleaning surfaces around your home more often. Well, how about your vehicle? As a result of today’s needs, CarSnoop is now offering a safe and guaranteed process of UV-C light disinfection to not only its car delivery clients, but also anyone who requests it.

“UV-C is ultraviolet light with a wavelength from 200-280 nanometers. It destroys or inactivates bacteria and viruses—from the seasonal flu to E. coli and SARS-CoV-2 —by disrupting the molecular bonds of their DNA and RNA. This prevents the viruses from reproducing or causing illness.” rzero

CarSnoop safely disinfects your vehicle.

Have you or someone in your vehicle had exposure to COVID? You can have CarSnoop disinfect your vehicle. Unlike a human wiping down a surface and possibly missing an area, UV-C light penetration is perfect and without error. If the light touches the surface, rest assured it is sanitized. You are guaranteed a virus-free vehicle.

Keep your family safe with UV-C sanitization treatment.

Even if you’re not taking delivery of a new/used vehicle from CarSnoop, we will visit your home and disinfect your current vehicle(s). The fee starts from $49. Contact CarSnoop today to arrange your appointment.

All CarSnoop cars delivered will be sanitized.

As an added value to our customers, CarSnoop will be employing the technology of UV-C light sanitization to each of its vehicles delivered. By doing so, you can be assured your new or used vehicle will be virus-free.

We look forward to helping you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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