How do you protect your privacy when buying a new car?

In today’s fast-paced, online-buying, information-gathering world, how is it even possible to protect your privacy when buying a new car?

Let’s consider all of the ways your private information is shared. You shop online, visit the Doctor, bank with a local bank, pay a mortgage, work a job, travel the country. And then, there’s new car buying. Let us break down about how to protect your privacy when buying a new car.

The first step you’ll take when shopping for a new car is jumping online to do some research. You’ll probably drive through dealerships to check out color and size of the vehicle. If you’re planning to use your favorite bank for the lending, you’ll stop by there to chat budget and approvals. Once you’re ready to buy the vehicle, you’ll hand over your private collection of information to each dealership you visit.

And then what? 

Those salespeople at the dealership are eagerly awaiting the pursuit to get you to buy that new vehicle. You’ll become bombarded with phone calls and reach-outs by these sales team members. There goes your privacy!

CarSnoop protects your privacy. 

CarSnoop is unlike any other new car buying experience available. Its innovative process protects your personal and private information.

Our CarSnoop member dealership network bids for your business. And, guess what, that network only knows the city in which you live. As a result, your name, street address, date of birth, driver’s license, cell phone number, email, employment information, credit score and social security number remain private. Protected. Secured. You share your private information with CarSnoop and it’s held securely, without any dealership having access to it, until you select the winning car deal bid. Only at that time does that single dealer receive your personal information to get your new car in your hands.

CarSnoop eliminates sales calls and emails.

Those unwanted sales calls and emails disappear. Your personal information is not floating around multiple dealership databases. Your private information remains just that…private. CarSnoop is anonymous car buying. You control who has access to reach you and when.

Innovative? Absolutely. CarSnoop focuses on protecting your privacy when buying a new car. Consider it the stress-free car new car buying solution.

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