Stress-free new car buying.

Does the idea of visiting car dealerships when in the market to buy a new car give you stress and anxiety? You’re not alone. Let’s talk stress-free new car buying.

Buying a new car takes a lot of time. You’ll likely begin your search online for the types of vehicles that interest you to review color and trim packages, pricing and potential rebates and also incentives. Once you’ve narrowed down your must-haves and favorites list, it’s time to hit the lot at the car dealership to see them in real life. You might even find yourself driving the car lot after hours to avoid the salespeople. We feel you.

Skip the car dealership.

Typically, you can expect to spend from two to six hours at the car dealership to buy a car. What factors impact the amount of time you’re there? We’ll break it down.

How do you buy a car stress free?

Test drives. Planning to test drive a vehicle(s) of interest? You’ll need to carve out 30 minutes or more for that, plus time to provide required paperwork to the dealer.

Trade in. Are you trading in a vehicle? Do you have the title ready to go? The dealer will review your trade and give you an appraisal of the value of that vehicle.

Price, taxes and fees. You’ll sit across the desk from the salesperson talking through your budget or monthly payment goal. As a result, you’re likely to feel a bit flustered with knowing if you’re getting the best price and deal. You need to know fair market price for the vehicle you desire and also be aware of local sales tax and fees. For example, the state of Indiana has 7% sales tax but, if you have a trade, you’ll earn a sales tax credit on that vehicle. Indiana also charges a $1.25 tire tax for four tires and the spare. The dealership collects this fee on behalf of the state. Lastly, dealerships freely determine doc fees.

Financing. It’s best to have financing buttoned up before you visit the dealership if you have a preferred lender. Do you have pre-approval from your lender? If so, that saves you time. But, buyer beware…the financing department at the dealership will do all it can to get you to use the dealer’s preferred lender for your purchase. Stay diligent and firm if you’re committed to your pre-approved lender.

The “Why” Behind CarSnoop.

CarSnoop’s founder saw the need for a tool to be designed as an advocate for you, the consumer, after a two-decade career in car sales and car management. He knows you are busy. You don’t want to spend a Saturday in a car dealership haggling a car deal. The CarSnoop process has been refined and perfected over the past couple of years to give you a stress-free new car buying experience.

How does CarSnoop make car buying stress free? 

When working with CarSnoop, you save time at the dealership. After all, you simply sign docs and drive away with your car (unless you decide to have the dealer deliver your new vehicle to you at your home or office). You avoid the in-person negotiation and skip the emails, calls and nonstop followup from salespeople. We call that a big win. Additionally, you earn a fast pass for test drives, don’t pay doc fees and are guaranteed your preferred lender keeps your loan. Stress-free new car buying. That’s the name of the game with CarSnoop.

Here’s how to get started with CarSnoop.

  1. COMING SOON TO INDIANA! doc fee with CarSnoop! That’s a CarSnoop bonus because many states are unregulated on doc fees which can come as a surprise to new car buyers.
  2. Maintain your pre-approved lender. Your lender relationship is protected with CarSnoop. The dealer guarantees to use your lender and will not be able to suggest or change that should you already have pre-approval with your preferred lender.

Stress-Free New Car Buying Concierge.

Your car buying experience will be stress-free by using CarSnoop as your new car buying concierge, You will save time protect your personal and private information, avoid unwanted sales calls and emails, earn a competitive offer and ultimately spend very little time at the dealership.

Privacy Protection with CarSnoop.

CarSnoop protects your personal and private information; dealers looking to bid for your business only know the city in which you live. The dealer whose offer you select for your new vehicle will be the only one granted access to your information. Additionally, you save the hassle of nonstop follow up from various dealers. This privacy protection is another bonus to buying with CarSnoop.

Leverage Your Credit.

CarSnoop isn’t for everyone. You must be in good standing with your credit score to utilize this process of buying a new car. Know your score? What is considered a

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