Take the biases out of car buying.

Take the biases out of car buying. Remove the assumptions that happen when you walk into a dealership. Skip the sales calls, the manager negotiations, the presumptions the sales staff may have about you. Instead, buy a car anonymously. How? With the CarSnoop marketplace.

CarSnoop has redefined car buying and leasing. You provide the CarSnoop concierge (via web or app) the details of the car you’re looking to find. Your personal information such as name, gender, ethnicity, address, email and phone number never get shared with the dealers bidding for your business. They only know the city in which you live.

Buy a car without being contacted by the dealer.

Are you a first-time or female car buyer? Maybe you’re a young or old car buyer. None of that matters with CarSnoop. As a result of the CarSnoop process, all biases and assumptions will be removed!

Meet the CarSnoop Founder. 

Change everything you know about car buying.

Skip the entire dealership process. In fact, you don’t even need to leave home. Buy or lease a vehicle from the comfort of your sofa with our car concierge experts. They do all of the work for you! Check out CarSnoop today to take the biases out of car buying. You’ll have a stress-free car buying experience…all from home.

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