What are today’s trends in car buying?

What are today’s new car buying trends? Not unlike groceries and household goods, car buying has begun to shift to online buying given the pandemic. One in ten cars were sold online in 2020 whereas only one in 100 were sold online in 2018. People are looking for ways to make a new car purchase or lease without spending time at the car dealership. On average, most people spend four to six hours at the dealership when buying or leasing a new vehicle. So, given the social distancing goals many of us have, the automobile industry is pivoting to respond.

Take delivery of your vehicle at home.

Several dealerships are now advertising the opportunity for at-home delivery. With that, consumers like you still have to talk and work with the dealership salespeople. It’s just that you may not have to be in the physical dealership. Dealerships are working to be flexible to meet consumer needs.

Use a car buying concierge.

An alternative to visiting the dealership yourself is also by employing the efforts of a car buying concierge. This person manages all of the details for you! You stay home and skip the entire dealership process of negotiation including the overall stress and time spent at the dealership with the salespeople. Typically a concierge will charge a fee for the service.

CarSnoop is a combination of concierge and home delivery.

With the innovative CarSnoop marketplace, you have a concierge working on your behalf while dealers bid for your business. It is a revolutionary way of conducting business in the car industry. CarSnoop is a free service. And, your new vehicle will delivered wherever you choose by our team, not the dealership. You choose the delivery location…be it your home, office or sports field where your child is practicing.

You have options now when in the market to lease or buy a new vehicle. The traditional dealership experience feels different in light of the pandemic, but also because you are likely looking for a way to social distance, save time and eliminate stress. Stay home. Let CarSnoop do the work.

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