What steps do you take when buying a new vehicle?

It’s time for a new car. The process can be overwhelming. What steps should you take to buy a new vehicle?

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Once you decide the make, color and model of your next vehicle, you’re faced with how to pay for it and how to navigate the best deal. Even the most experienced car shopper overlooks something in the process. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve bought a car, there’s always a feeling that you might be over your head.

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Avoid the common traps and be an empowered buyer. Here’s how:

Research the vehicle.

Buying a car based only on a few online reviews and a test drive is a common mistake. Do your research. Think through what happens when the warranty ends. Are repairs costly? What are the common maintenance issues? How much extra is that panoramic sunroof? Thanks to social media, there are groups for nearly every car you can imagine. Join one that fits the new car you’re looking to buy and ask questions beyond what you’ve read online. Know someone who is driving your favorite car? Ask how the car is holding up.

Flex your financing muscle.

Do financial homework of your own to determine how much you can afford in a new car. Sounds like common sense, right? Check your

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