How can buying a car be simplified?

So often you can expect to spend four to six hours at the dealership to lease or buy your new vehicle. So how can this process be made easier? Consider a car buying concierge.

A concierge takes on the responsibility of negotiations, finding vehicles that fit your needs and even facilitating the paperwork. Some car brokers, or concierges, do require a fee in order to be your go-to for the purchase. If you prefer to spend your time on other things than this process, a concierge would be a good option.

Take a listen to how a car broker helped Holly.

Experience a new way to buy or lease a new car.

The traditional dealership experience of working with salespeople, receiving phone calls and emails if you don’t make a purchase immediately and the like is outdated. Imagine being the one who is in charge rather than waiting for salespeople to ‘talk to their manager’ or locate lost keys for your test drive. With CarSnoop, you provide our team the specifications of the vehicle you’re looking to buy and remove yourself from any of the negotiations, travel to dealerships, sales calls and finance office meetings. Instead, our team does the work and dealers present their offers to you for vehicles that match your needs. You are completely anonymous to the dealers. It’s an innovative approach and allows you to stay home or go about your weekend without stepping foot into the dealership.

Stress-free car buying is possible.

By working with CarSnoop, you are given a stress-free car leasing or buying experience. You choose the car that fits your specifications best and you determine where you take delivery of the vehicle. Want to stay home and skip the dealership? You can with CarSnoop.

We would love to be your partner in making your next vehicle purchase or lease the easiest you’ve ever had.


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