How can I lease a new car from home?

If your lease is set to expire soon, you may be dreading the experience of going to the dealership for the turn-in-and-get-something-new process. So, is there a way to avoid the dealership completely? How can you lease a new car from home? If you’re looking to lease again (versus buy a new vehicle), you will have the advantage of driving a car under warranty and a shorter-term payment rather than a lengthy loan to own the vehicle. Another advantage to leasing is the removal of the chance for costly repair and maintenance expenses that an older vehicle may have.

“You do not have to put money down on a lease. You should never do it.” – Cole Keesling, CarSnoop Founder + President

Consider a car concierge to do the work for you.

CarSnoop in an innovative app- and web-based new car concierge tool which allows customers, like you, to lease (or buy) a new vehicle from their phone or computer. So you get to stay home and skip the dealership entirely. With this tool, you also remain anonymous to the dealers and their sales staff is not able to contact you. Leasing a car without a salesperson? YES.

You provide CarSnoop the details of the vehicle you’re looking to lease and the network of dealers get to work to price options for you. CarSnoop does all of the legwork.

Get started with CarSnoop today.

Ready to give it a shot? Download the CarSnoop app from your app store or go to Provide your information (CarSnoop does not share it with anyone). Then, enter your new vehicle must haves such as make, model, trim level and color. CarSnoop works directly with its network of dealers to get your new lease facilitated.

Remain anonymous to dealers with CarSnoop.

In addition to your personal information remaining private (the dealers only know in which city you reside), you will not be contacted my dealers. Instead of the traditional way to lease a car where you spend time face-to-face at the dealership, often hours, and then have follow-up calls, CarSnoop allows you private new car leasing. The dealers will not have any access to your email, phone number, gender, income or employer.

“For some reason the auto industry has kept the mentality of selling cars in the stone ages,” said Cole Keesling, Founder and President of CarSnoop. “Not anymore.” Keesling developed an app- and online-based car buying service, CarSnoop, which has a subscriber base of car dealerships who bid for customers’ business.

Experience stress-free new car buying with CarSnoop. Trust CarSnoop to change the way you buy a new car. Download the CarSnoop app today in App Store or Google Play. CarSnoop redefines new car leasing and buying. Have your new leased vehicle delivered to your door.

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