Are you considering the purchase of a new car? How do you trade in your car? Suffice it to say, your current car is chocked full of memories of carpools, commutes and vacations alike. But, you’re ready to trade in Brown Betty for, well, something a little more shiny and new. It comes down to the preparation for doing so.

What are some tips when considering trading in a vehicle? Let CarSnoop break it down.

Get current on service.

Have you had the oil changed? Did you rotate the tires? Is the vehicle running properly? You’ll want to be sure you’re up-to-date on service records and maintenance to avoid any problems that will decrease your trade-in value. If you have damage to your vehicle, consider repairing it. Otherwise that will impact the dealer’s evaluation.

Give your vehicle a good cleaning.

So Brown Betty has been on lots of road trips and family vacations with you…give her a good wash and vacuum before you go to the dealership for review. Putting forth the effort (Kelly Blue Book website to see what a fair market value of your vehicle is. While it is a good benchmark, it certainly will be up to the dealer to review your car. If you’re not the original owner of the vehicle, you can also find its history via

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