What if I have a trade-in vehicle with my new car purchase?

In the market for a new car and have a vehicle to trade? What do you need to know about how your car condition impacts the value? What if I have a trade-in vehicle with my new car purchase?

[box] “It’s the only time you have to sell your car to the dealership. Trades are extremely important.” – Cole Keesling, Founder + President, CarSnoop [/box]

Research your vehicle’s trade-in value.

You may give a quick search on Carfax provides the history of the vehicle including any extensive repairs which could affect the trade-in value.

Service records matter when trading in a vehicle.

Be current on your vehicle’s oil changes, tire rotations and overall service and maintenance. Is the vehicle running properly? Consider repairing any damage to maximize the value the dealer gives. The condition of your trade will impact the dealer’s valuation.

Clean up your vehicle when taking it in for trade.

This is your one chance to “sell” your vehicle to the dealership. So, give your car a solid clean up. Not only an exterior wash but also vacuum, wash the interior windows, clean out the trunk and have your trade-in cleaned up before you’re presenting it to be valued. This detail work will improve the valuation of your vehicle.

Stay home and have CarSnoop evaluate your trade-in vehicle.

CarSnoop handles the details of your trade in. The app or website walks you through the easy steps. The process is guided and can all be done from home. You’ll scan your VIN which will instantly populate your vehicle’s information into the CarSnoop system. You’ll provide photos and get started with the valuation process. All from home!

New car buying with a trade-in is made simple with CarSnoop. Let us save you time and hassle. Experience a stress-free way to buy a new car with CarSnoop.


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