Credit score tips for new car buying.

If you’re considering buying a new vehicle, it’s important to consider your credit score. Let CarSnoop share credit score tips for new car buying.

Credit score matters. 

According to an Experian report, the new-car loan average credit score was 715 at of the end of September 2019. And, the used-car loan average was 662. Overall, 701 is the average score among US residents. Credit score will impact your ability to purchase a new vehicle. If your score falls below 680, you may have to look into non-traditional lending institutions which will cause a big of a snag with the financing department. 

CarSnoop requires good credit standing.

Qualification is the key to success with CarSnoop. You need a good credit score to ease the entire car buying process. CarSnoop has a track record of closing successful new car deals with qualified buyers. We promise you that, with your qualifications, our membership of car dealerships will work hard to win your business.

Where are the CarSnoop dealers?

Great question. CarSnoop has exclusive dealership relationships which have the opportunity to review your new car request to bid for your business. Each of these dealers abides by CarSnoop code of ethics and conduct to ensure you receive the best new car buying experience.

How do I work with CarSnoop?

 It’s easy! And all from the comfort of your computer or phone. You skip the dealership hassles, sales calls and financing department shenanigans. Instead, you remain anonymous and go about your life while CarSnoop does the work. Just download the app! Your identity remains anonymous until you select the winning bid! Only at that time will the winning dealer see your information; no other dealer ever will.

You’ll earn competitive offers from dealerships and you’ll select which dealer wins your business. You’re in charge.

As a result, the process is stress free and, with your great credit standing, the financing will be easy.

CarSnoop tip: if you have a preferred lender with whom you’d like to finance your new vehicle, that relationship is protected by CarSnoop. As a result, the dealer will not be permitted to use an alternative lender from the one with whom you’ve chosen to work. It’s a level of protection only offered with CarSnoop.

What’s next?

Consider CarSnoop your new car buying concierge because we handle all of the details. Leverage your good credit and get into your new vehicle stress free with CarSnoop.

We look forward to being your new car buying concierge.

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