CarSnoop is defining anonymous new car buying.

We recently had a bad review in the App Store saying we were “liars” that we aren’t in fact anonymous.

So, we want to explain our process. It is our utmost goal for consumers, like you, to understand what CarSnoop is and what it is not.

CarSnoop is a car buying app. It is not a browsing app. You buy, not shop, with CarSnoop. Simply put, CarSnoop is not designed to be a shopping app; it is an app to buy your new vehicle without dealers knowing who you are. You remain anonymous. So become informed about the new vehicles on the market elsewhere…not on the CarSnoop app.

Yes, CarSnoop asks for your information to get started when you download the app. Your information is held, privately, with CarSnoop and is not shared with the dealers bidding on your business. You’re completely anonymous to the dealers. At no time to they know your gender, race, age, etc. CarSnoop protects your identity.

In a traditional car buying situation, you’ll hand over your private collection of information to each dealership you visit. Eager salespeople will be ready to relentlessly follow up with you until you make that car purchase. As a result, you’ll become bombarded with phone calls and reach-outs by these sales team members.

CarSnoop eliminates all of that and is defining anonymous new car buying.

Where do you research and browse which new car you want to buy?

OEM (aka original equipment manufacturer) websites are a great place to shop. Check out brands you like such as Honda and CarSnoop. Now is the time to change the way you buy your next new car.

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