Who makes decisions at car dealerships?

Imagine the last time you bought a new car at the dealership. Who makes the decisions? Did your salesperson have the answers or have to walk away to a desk with people who were seemingly in charge to get your answers?

You want to get the best price for your new car. But are you getting the best price? Is it the salesperson’s goal to make a commission? And why the back and corth to the desk to talk to the boss? Are you prepared to buy a new vehicle?

Who is your salesperson?

If you have an existing relationship with a salesperson, you may fare better. If you do not, you’re essentially now working with the first person who said hello to you. That salesperson may be inexperienced and new to the floor, hungry for a commission or indifferent about making your buying experience anything special. That said, you could be persuaded to a deal that is more in the favor of the dealership than you. Additionally, if there’s a promotion or incentive, that could impact the message you receive as well.

So, who is in charge at the car dealerships? Who decides the price of your new vehicle? What can you do to be in control?

Take a listen to Jim’s new car buying experience.

Change the way you buy a new car.

Now, imagine a new car buying scenario where you have a personal new car buying concierge. That concierge is on your side and is working to get you the car you want for the price in your budget. Not only that, but the concierge also holds your personal information such as phone number, email, address, employment information and such under secure watch. You no longer have to work with salespeople. The concierge facilitates all of it for you. And, you get to stay home! You skip the dealership completely.

How does a car concierge work?

Your new car concierge is a personal assistant who gathers new car offers from a variety of dealerships. Meanwhile, you’re at home or out working in your yard. You’re not at the dealership at all. Once the concierge has acceptable offers, you will be given those options to review. It’s in your hands to choose if any of those offers work for you. Again, while remaining completely anonymous with the dealerships.

CarSnoop redefines new car buying.

So, who is in charge at car dealerships? Level the playing field with the innovative CarSnoop new car leasing and buying app. Receive new car bids from members of an exclusive dealership network. You are in complete control of the decision making. Once you have offers from a variety of dealers, you choose the winning deal. Once you select the offer that best suits your needs, only that dealer will be connected with you. This prevents a lot of work on your end. And, it removes the hassle of sales calls, emails and haggle. CarSnoop protects your personal and private information as a qualified buyer.

So, experience private and stress-free new car buying. Stay home. Download the CarSnoop app. Buy your next new car with

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