Why should I trust CarSnoop?

CarSnoop Founder and President Cole Keesling, after more than two decades in the car industry, is here to help you. You’re probably asking yourself why should I trust CarSnoop?

After two decades of experience in car dealership management and sales, CarSnoop’s Founder saw the need for a tool to be designed to revolutionize and improve the new car buying experience. Fun fact: the CarSnoop team is made up of local, Indiana residents serving as advocates for you.

Consider CarSnoop your personal new car buying concierge.

[box] We are here to make sure ultimately you get the car you want, at your pace and you do not have to go to the dealership.[/box]

CarSnoop is the only online new car concierge.

Unlike any other buying tool available, CarSnoop is a one-of-a-kind app- and online-based new car concierge tool. As a result, it allows customers, like you, to buy a new car from their phones or computers. Save time and avoid stress. The app does all of the work for you. Enter your information and the specifications of the new vehicle you desire, any make or model, and CarSnoop has its network of dealers bid for your business.

CarSnoop protects your personal information.

You skip the dealership visits plus avoid salesperson emails and calls. To get started, provide your information to CarSnoop and submit your request alongside a $100 deposit. Your deposit provides verification of identity and proof of readiness to buy a new vehicle. Additionally, it alerts the dealers bidding on your business that you are ready to make that purchase. Once you choose the dealer bid which best works for you, the $100 deposit is refunded back to you. (It is also refunded should you change your mind altogether). Think of it as an earnest deposit in order to take advantage of CarSnoop’s expertise. Dealers are NOT provided your personal information. They only know the city in which you live.

[box] “For some reason the auto industry has kept the mentality of selling cars in the stone ages,” said Cole Keesling, Founder and President of CarSnoop. “Not anymore.” Keesling developed an app- and online-based car buying service, CarSnoop, which has a subscriber base of car dealerships who bid for customers’ business.[/box]

Experience stress-free new car buying with CarSnoop. Trust CarSnoop to change the way you buy a new car. Download the app or go to our website today and reach out to us with any questions!

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