Will a car buying concierge save me time?

Are you considering buying or leasing a new vehicle? Do you look at the process and wish you could save time? A car concierge or broker is an expert in the car industry who works on your behalf to handle the details of the process. You get to do other things than spend your time at the dealership or dealing with the sales calls. If you’d rather have someone else handle the entire process of buying a car, you’re not alone. So, how does a car buying concierge work?

You can consider the concierge a personal shopper, or advocate, to get your the vehicle you’re interested in buying or leasing. You stay home, go to work or hang out at the lake while the concierge is working with dealers to get your new car secured.

CarSnoop created a car buying concierge platform.

So if the idea of having someone else handle the details appeals to you, consider working with CarSnoop. This innovative app and online portal acts as your car buying concierge. You provide CarSnoop your criteria for your new vehicle such as make, model, trim level and color. Via CarSnoop, the network of dealers will review your new vehicle specifications with their inventory and provide you offers. CarSnoop allows you to skip the visits to the dealership as well as the salesperson emails and calls. When working with CarSnoop, the dealerships are not able to contact you. It’s anonymous car buying.

Take a look at the easy CarSnoop process.

By using CarSnoop, you have multiple dealerships trying to earn your business. You choose who wins your business. Your identity remains private. Your personal information  is protected. Only the dealer whose offer you choose will be given your information to be able to contact you in order to set up delivery.

Experience stress-free new car buying with CarSnoop. Stay home. Choose CarSnoop to handle the details of your next new car lease or purchase.

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